Where I Write

Writing 101, Day 6

In my bedroom, there is a makeup vanity I used years ago for making up. For some time now color palettes, liner pencils and make-up brushes have been replaced by a laptop, sticky notes, pens and paper.

My young vain self has been replaced too, by an older mom of a teenage boy. I remember my son as a little boy fascinated with my makeup and jewelry. He liked my pretty little things and wanted to know what I used them for. Now when he stops in, it is for help with a school project or he is looking for something. Sometimes it is because he wants to tell me a story and share a picture or video with me.

Most of the time it is just me, here alone at my computer, but then my little pooch Scruffy will stop in and ask for a pet and a treat, or will nap while I tap on the keys.

This is where I write, at this little makeshift desk, tape over laptop camera eye and television on volume muted. Coffee cup on the right and dark chocolate kisses on the left.

This room, this bedroom is my refuge. It is where I toil on the keyboard between chores of laundry, cooking and cleaning. Occasionally, I close the laptop lid and take the time to work on a beading project which is not often enough.

I sit at this little desk and have chats with my mom on the phone. Follow my friends on Facebook, Pin a recipe and occasionally read and send a Tweet.

It is a mess in here really. I should fix it up. This is where I write.


Talks with My Dog in the Kitchen

Writing 101, Day 5

My dog loves me, but his love is conditional. His attention is captivated by food so we have an arrangement. He can spend time with me in the kitchen, but he has to listen to my silly ramblings while waiting for his treat or meal. At times I bore him and he gives up and leaves the kitchen only to return for more talking more waiting.

Eventually, his bewilderment turns to relief. He devours the food in moments and then looks at me with the question, “Is there more?’ Sweet boy. It depends how long you are willing to listen and wait.

There are times when I don’t feel like talking and when he comes in, I just say “out!” Head down, he goes into the other room and watches and waits. Rather than ramblings, there is chopping and clanging of pans. Still it is a good day because for guilt of my curtness, he gets a little extra. I am talking again when I apologize and give him a pat, a kiss and tell him I love him.

There are days when speaking to him is enough. I need no other company or conversation. Leave me alone with my dog. We are content in the kitchen.

IMG_2035-pm (2)

Day Dream

Writing 101 Day 4

In the attic of my mind,

I long for sunny days;

Faded jeans and silly times,

No cares nor dismays.


Writing 101 Day 3

I have one child, a son. He is my treasure. He is more precious than gold. More stunning than diamonds. More valuable than riches. My son is an old soul. Wise beyond his years. He is my teacher. My treasured gift from God.

I cherish my memories of being pregnant and finding out he was a boy. Expecting him was the happiest time of my life. The anticipation of having my son and being a mom was blissful.

No longer a baby nor toddler nor boy. He is now a teenager in high school. A fine young man. Kind, loving, talented and handsome. Treasured and loved. My son, Dawson.

Things I’ve Learned

Writing 101 Day 2

Mother was right.

Grandmother was right.

Being a mother is not about me.

I am a selfish person.

My mission is to be a better person.

There is a God.

There is a devil.

Being young is a gift.

Getting older is a gift.

Love is conditional.

My instincts are right.

Time is precious.

I am enough.

I Write Because

Writing 101 Day 1

a messy drawer

all out on the floor; a pile

sorting, tossing out

memories to keep and store

clutter gone; another, more

Note: This is a Tanka which is similar to a Haiku.

Elizabeth Woodville image

Who Was the White Queen? Elizabeth Woodville

Elizabeth Woodville, Queen consort (queen by marriage) of England, was the wife of King Edward IV.  When they married May 1, 1464, she was 27 years old and he was 22 years old.

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